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Deputies of the State Assembly of Mari El from the LDPR suggested removing regional restrictions on public actions. The Communists took up this issue as well

Deputies of the LDPR faction in the State Assembly prepared amendments to the law of Mari El on public events, removing a number of restrictions on holding these events. The law is under consideration in the regional Ministry of Justice, said the press service of the party.

Under the current law, vital and social infrastructure, including pharmacies, houses of worship, parks, gardens, beaches, as well as bridges are the places where public events are prohibited. The distance from such an object to the protesters should be at least 200 meters. The only Hyde Park in Yoshkar-Ola is located on the outskirts of the city, near the Mebelgrad shopping center.

Deputies from the LDPR suggested excluding schools on weekends, pharmacies, gardens, parks, beaches, houses of worship from the list of prohibited places, as sacred procession is also a public event. They also suggested allowing public events near administration buildings.

Mari Communists had been planning to challenge all the unreasonable, according to them, failures in coordination of public events in court. In their opinion, pro-government holidays and other actions are also public events, but the regional law does not apply to them. They are working on this separately from the LDPR.

— Today, I have filed a request to the Constitutional Court to check the compliance of the regional law on public events and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, - Sergey Tsaregorodtsev, the Deputy of the State Assembly of Mari El from the Communist party, told 7x7. — We work on the ammendments as well, as soon as we are ready, we are going to provide them. We are ready for joint discussion and dialogue with other parties.

On November 1, the Constitutional Court of Russia decided to lift regional bans on public events. According to the court, all local bills must comply with federal regulations. The complaint about such restrictions was filed by activists from Syktyvkar, who were prevented from holding actions in the Central square of the town by local authorities.

In Mari El, the regional law on public events was tightened in 2016. 29 deputies of the City Assembly of Yoshkar-Ola out of 32 voted for the restrictive amendments introduced by mayor Yevgeny Maslov. Representatives of the Fair Russia party and the Communist party did not support the amendments, for dealing with their consideration and adoption is the competence of the State Assembly of Mari El, not city deputies. The city authorities justified the restrictions by taking care of tourists.


Natalya Petrova, photos by the author, «7х7»

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