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Participants of the eco-watch at Shies recorded a video message to the opponents of incineration house in Tatarstan who put up tents

Participants of the eco-activists’ camp at station Shies recorded a video message with greetings and words of support to the protesting residents of Tatarstan, who had put up tents at the site of the proposed construction of the road to the incineration house. The video was published on December 5 in community «Russian North is not a Dump!».

The video message begins with the words "dear fellows". Shies activists say they support the fight of Tatarstan residents for the environment.

— We are proud that the residents of Kazan gathered on their land to defend their homeland from the garbage invaders, having called it Shies-2. We are proud that people have begun to wake up from the mist of oppression, from slavery. Today, the main problem is the problem of ecology in the whole Russia, — the woman in the video read out the message.

Protests against the construction of the incineration house in the Osinovo village in the Republic of Tatarstan began in the summer of 2018 (about the same time, residents of Arkhangelsk Oblast became aware of the beginning of works at Shies). The authorities of Kazan claim that the facility is harmless, but they do not want to transfer the construction to the area where the government dachas are located.


Denis Strelkov, «7х7»

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