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Greenpeace Russia collected more than 100 thousand signatures under petition for the preservation of the Yugyd Va National Park in Komi

Petition on the website of Greenpeace Russia has gained 102 thousand signatures for the preservation of the Yugyd Va National Park where natural monument Virgin Komi Forests is located. Environmentalists suspected gold mining company of seeking to change the boundaries of the protected area for their own purposes. Achieving 100 thousand signatures was reported to 7x7 by activists of Greenpeace on November 7.

Greenpeace activists planned to take the signatures collected on the Internet for the preservation of Yugyd Va to the presidential administration.

The press service of Greenpeace Russia told 7x7 that the petition was made by professional lawyers and experts. Its authors demanded that the authorities «should save the national park from gold miners.» According to the environmentalists, under the guise of expanding the national park, the authorities can exclude places for gold mining from it and include new forests. The fact that the deposits of non-ferrous metals are located on the shores of water reservoirs in the middle of the national park, according to Greenpeace, can be dangerous for the ecosystem of the rest of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Greenpeace Russia launched a petition for the preservation of Yugyd Va in August 2019. That is how environmentalists decided to prevent the actions of gold miners around the deposits of non-ferrous metals in the protected area. The license for the development of the Chudnoye deposit belongs to the Gold Minerals company (Cyprus).

The government of Komi tried to implement a project for gold mining in Yugyd Va several times, despite the ban of industrial works in the reserve.

In September 2019, Minister of natural resources of Komi Roman Polshvedkin spoke in favor of conducting any activity in the national park exclusively by law, in compliance with all norms. But at the same time, he admitted the presence of a political component in the problem of preserving the national park.

In 2012, President Vladimir Putin named a sufficient number of signatures of citizens (100 thousand) to discuss any idea at the highest level.


Daniil Kuznetsov, «7х7»

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